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Generative Spin Art - Splats

Series Closed

Click HERE to randomly shuffle through thumbnails of all 1000 images.

The spin art for this series consists of the following:

1. A random background color
2. A random puzzle
3. A random overlay draw
4. A random spin art token

The policy for this series will be locked in August of 2022, details below:

You can download the JSON for the policy HERE

The random overlays used to draw the spin art on top of the puzzle are listed below:

Ellipse - random ellipses in a circular pattern
Square - random squares in a circular pattern
Circle - random circles in a circular pattern
Triangle - random triangles in a circular pattern
Patriotic - random red, white and blue splats in a circular pattern
Record - random record shaped pattern

Day-Glo spins
During the creation process some NFTs are randomly created with bright day-glo colors, making them rare.

There are 1000 Spin Art NFTs in this series ranked in rarity 1-1000.

The lower the ranking the more rare your NFT is.

Rarity is calculated by adding how many total times each of the follwing traits appear across all NFTs:

Background Color, Puzzle, Overlay, Spin Art Token, Day-Glo Spin, Bake Duration

Because there are only 82 NFTs that used Day-Glo colors during the overlay drawing process, those 82 are the rarest.

The remaining NFTs rank from 83 to 1000.

About me
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I am a software engineer by trade and I minted some of the earliest NFTs on the Cardano blockchain

I am the original co-founder of PoolPeek.com

I also ran the LOCO/TRAIN Cardano stake pool for about a year and closed the pool to focus on NFTs

My early Cardano NFT work can be seen HERE

I developed the software to process NFT transactions on the Cardano network for this site and others

My goal is to create custom software and then use that software to mint fun NFTs and games